quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2018

Erasmus+ - "Learning with the Arts"

At the Reading Week of 2018, the students carried out a set of pedagogical and interdisciplinary activities, giving wings to the creativity in English, Arts, Maths, Science and ICT. 

Crossing traditional games with tongue-twisters, the LEAR Erasmus+ project (Learning with the Arts) and the arts in the service of learning as well as dramatizations of texts, the students showed that, in a very creative and fun way, in a transversal way, learning is easy.
This was a week that the activities of the Erasmus+ Project was disseminated to the school and local community. The drama, the songs, the english, the design and ICT were all envolved with real participation of the pupils and teachers who have been developping this approach since September 2017. All these activities are envolving pupils of the second cycle with cooperative learning and active methodologies.

Agrupamento de Escolas Latino Coelho, Lamego
Erasmus+ Project - 2017-2019