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Projeto eTwinning - a nossa cidade, a nossa escola

Num dos trabalhos propostos pelos nossos parceiros europeus eram as descrições da nossa cidade e da nossa escola. Aqui ficam algumas das enviadas.
                                                        Our city
Lamego is a Portuguese city in Viseu District, Northern Region and sub​​-region of the Douro, with 8848 inhabitants, being the second largest city in the district.

The city is situated on the south bank of the River Douro, was part of the province of traditional Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro and, according to some, was part of Transmontana Beira, which was the main city. Considered a historic and monumental city, because it has a lot of monuments, churches and stately houses, and also a Portuguese diocese.

Lamego est une ville portugaise dans le District de Viseu, Région du Nord et sub-région du Douro, avec 8848 habitants. C’est la deuxième plus grande ville dans le quartier. La ville est située sur la rive sud du fleuve Douro, faisait partie de la province du traditionnel Tras-os-Montes et Alto Douro et, selon certains, a fait partie de Transmontana Beira, qui était la ville principale. Considérée comme une ville historique et monumentale, car il a beaucoup de monuments, des églises et des maisons seigneuriales, est aussi un diocèse portugais.

A nice school in Lamego 

Currently, E. B. 2, 3 of Lamego, is located in this city, Lamego, in the Fafel street. This school belongs to the Group of Schools Latino Coelho.
The school consists of several rooms, including: music rooms, drawing, teachers and normal classrooms. There are also a cafeteria, stationery, library and bar. On the outside, but still within the precincts of the school, there are two gymnasiums, indoor soccer field, volleyball court and a large playground.
There are many activities for when there are no classes: table tennis, volleyball and futsal. However, there are also clubs: mathematics, arts, theater and creative writing.
The school has good conditions, both in summer and in winter. In the summer, school is cool and in winter the heating makes it more comfortable.
The teachers are friendly, but very demanding. It is usually one teacher for each subject.
I really like this school and I know that there are many students and parents who love her.

Tiago – 6º5 – E. B. 2, 3 de Lamego
My school
My name is Mariana Santos and I attend the E. B. 2, 3 Lamego. It's a fun place, with the practice field for soccer, basketball and volleyball. It also has huge windows, four doors to students, but usually only two are open. There is only one entry for teachers.
Everything in the school is good, except the queue for lunch. We have many students, the meals are usually delicious, but on some days it is not to our liking.
At the entrance there is enough surveillance because without the signed book will not let us leave. Teachers are demanding, but have moments of relaxation for conducting interactive games and others at recess or in clubs.
In the interval we almost all for the volley ball court, in integrated teams or we just passed ball.
The employees are friendly, the lockers for storing equipment during the school day are individual, but allow us to join in with another colleague and thus allocate space (two in each locker).
In general, our school is a good place to learn and we all like to attend.
Mariana Santos – 6º 5, E. B. 2, 3 de Lamego

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